Here Is Why You Should Start Consuming More Sugar Immediately

Well, I would never recommend my readers to consume more sugar, but an expert and as well a Doctor seems to think otherwise. 

The Executive Secretary of National Sugar Development Council (NSDC), Dr. Lateef Busari has admonished Nigerians to consume more sugar as the sugar intake in Nigeria is very low, compared with other countries in the world. 

Dr. Busari made this known while addressing a news conference on Thursday in Abuja. 

On the basis of per capita consumption, indeed in Nigeria, we are not taking enough sugar. Nigerian are consuming around 11 kilograms per capita which are way below that of Egypt at 38 kilograms and the USA, 32 kilograms. 

It is good that Nigerians moderate their sugar intake but that has made us drastically go way below the recommended intake, we can still go to 15 or 18 kilograms," he said. 

Dr. Busari appealed to Nigerians to consume more sugar but not in excess.

He also said that four food items, sugar, salt, flour and vegetable oil are fortified with Vitamin A and through your consumption of the items you would get your normal dose of vitamin A, but a reduction below the normal intake could lead to dire consequences. 

So, How Should I Go About It?. 

This is where I come in, if your sugar intake is so low because you are trying to protect yourself from diabetes, then you can increase your sugar intake by consuming fruits. I released an article last week explaining how the sugar in the fruit won't harm you because it contains a natural sugar, fructose.

By consuming fruits regularly you can safely increase your sugar intake. 

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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