Hot 81-year Old Woman Shows Off Her Rock Hard Abs And Six Pacs (Photos)

Realfitbody's Woman Of The Year is dedicated to the healthiest and fittest of women who have gone a long way just to prove how being fit and healthy can not only change your life but save your health and money. 

Realfitbody's Woman Of The Year goes to Ernestine Shepherd an American bodybuilder. 

What makes Ernestine so special? 

First, she is 81 years old and looks so good, Ernestine took to fitness when she and her sister at the age of 56 went bathing suit shopping while trying on the suits, they found themselves laughing at each other. Then and there they knew it was time to take their health seriously and get in better shape. 

Ernestine and her sister joined a gym and started working out together. Sometime later, her sister died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. This made Ernestine quit working out and stopped going to the gym entirely. After some months of mourning the loss of her sister and on the advice of a friend she returned to the gym and has never looked back since. 

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Ernestine not only transformed her body but her life too. Today she has a body most women would die for and at the age of 81, she still stands strong.

Ernestine now encourages and help senior women (older people) to work out and get in shape. 

Ernestine believes in determination, dedication, and discipline and she admonishes all those who want to get fit and healthy to believe in them too. 

So which do you want to be as you grow older? 

Ernestine Shepherd or this?

The health choices you make today will not only shape your life as your grow older but determine how long and how well you live. 

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So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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