I Am Happy I Had The Dreaded Breast Cancer - Rock Star's Wife (Graphic Photos)

Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide in women. It is also the 3rd deadliest form of cancer. In 2017, it's estimated that about 30% of newly diagnosed cancers in women will be breast cancer, this is why No Bra Day is dedicated to creating awarness on breast cancer and remembering  those who have had it. 

Julie Peters unlike many women who feel dejected after an experience with cancer is feeling much alive, she says was was glad to have had breast cancer and now feels like a "phoenix rising from the ashes".

She was diagnosed with the disease at 50, but she said it made her "try even harder". She is marriad to rock star Mike Peter who is still battling the leukaemia he was diagnosed with in 2005. 

Mr.s Peters says she is now on a journey to recovery. 

She said: 

"I do feel very much like I’m being reborn, it’s a bit like the phoenix coming out of the ashes and it’s really celebratory. You feel more exquisitely alive than you’ve ever done, it sounds dramatic but it’s the only way I can describe it. We all have moments when we get irritated by things, but I really don’t anymore and that’s a lovely feeling, it crystallises everything."

Having cancer at 50 made me feel like I had to try even harder. You’re at a tricky juncture anyway without having that thrown into the mix. I spent a year with imbalanced breasts and it was horrible. Losing your hair is devastating too. Everyone feels like they can’t talk about those changes, they feel like they’ve just got to be grateful for having the cancer removed. But the more I reach out to other women, they tell me they feel like can’t put their hands up and admit their struggling with the physical changes and how it affects them sexually. They are left to just go back to a normal life of being feminine and it just doesn’t work like that when you and your body have been through so much.

She had to have gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which left with her severe burns.

Jules has had half of a breast removed as well as a nipple and will have another operation in six months. She's been sharing her story as well as photos showing how her breast changed as a result of the illness, and she says she's been overwhelmed by how much people have been touched by it. She says she's glad to have had cancer.

You can learn more about cancer here

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