Lady Narrates How Her Aunt's Wrong Marriage Drove Her To Her Death

A Twitter user took to her page to share the sad story of her aunt who recently died of hypertension. 

The story centers on domestic violence, depression, hypertension and the attitude Nigerian ladies have towards marriage. There is no need to rush it, when your time comes you will get married. 

I also want my readers to note her case of hypertension and depression. If you are feeling depressed in any way, please speak to someone, it can be a friend, family or an elder or even me through my contact page. 

According to her, her aunt didn't marry the man she had dreamed of, because he didn't make any moves. She later married the assistant pastor of her church and was constantly maltreated until driven out of the house and the marriage due to her inability to conceive. 

Read the rest of her tweets below... 

So there you have it. 

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