Man Breaks His Pen!s While Having S€x In This Very Crazy S€x Position (Photos)

Can your pen!s break? 

Take it from your favorite health blogger, it can and it will if you try out any challenging sx position 

A 26-year-old Vietnamese man had a pen!le fracture after trying an unusual position in bed.

The man simply identified as V.V.C was hospitalized at the K120 Military Hospital in Tien Giang Province on Christmas day with a swollen, deformed and bluish colored pen!s.

According to the doctors, the patient immediately underwent an emergency surgery after an MRI scan showed that he had a pen!le fracture. 

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The man confessed that he was having s€x in a supposedly challenging position when he felt pain and his pen!s became curved and inflamed. 

Dr. Hua Xuan Phuong, the head surgeon of the operation, said the patient has recovered and is now able to urinate normally. 

But we cannot comment on his erectile function, which might take up to three months of treatment before fully recovering,” Phuong said.

For those guys out there looking for some adventure or going too deep during intercourse, be forewarned that your pen!s can break, it might not be made of bones, but yes it can. 

I took my time some weeks ago to list 3 s€x positions that can break your pen!s, to give you guys a head up. 

Remember to always practice safe s€x and stay safe. 

So there you have it.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.

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