Man Who Wants To Look Ageless Undergoes 60th Plastic Surgery (Photos)

Earlier this month, Brazillian Surgery addict, Rodrigo Alves who is popularly known as the Human Ken Doll vowed to go ahead with his 60th operation involving his ribs being removed, even if it kills him. 

Presently, the 34-year-old is the news again, and this time he has reportedly undergone another cosmetic procedure to make him look ageless. 

He went through a chemical skin peel procedure that involves applying an acid-containing lotion to the face, letting it soak through and then peeling off the old skin to reveal fresh new skin in its place.

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Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Rodrigo said 

It was fairly painful, and my face looks red now. It feels like burning! Here in Marbella is very sunny and I can’t go out for the next few days unless I have a lot of sun protection
n 2018, I’m turning 35 and my quest has never been to look perfect but to look ageless. Due to the lights from the TV studios and the make-up, my skin has been looking rough, but this treatment will make my skin look finer and younger.' 

He added: 

I would never let myself go and no one will ever see any wrinkle on my face. Some men think that only going to the gym and looking muscular is enough. I believe that men should also look after their faces with night cream and make-up just like I do. 

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'Taking pride in your appearance is loving yourself.' 

I wouldn't advise anyone to really do this because there are consequences to everything you do and his own will start showing up pretty soon. 

There are much better ways to make yourself look ageless like Ernestine Shepherd and I will release a post on that tomorrow. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

See more photos below

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