Nigerian Foods And Their Calorie Contents

Calorie is the energy you get from the food and drink they consume, and the energy you use in physical activity. I have explained it before in other articles, if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. 

Based on that, you might be wondering how many calories are in the foods that you consume. Especially most Nigerian meals. 

Well, Nigerian meals are renowned for containing a large amount of calories (which most Nigerians don't burn due to their unhealthy lifestyle), most especially our soup like Egusi, owo etc

So, if you are trying to lose weight or stay fit it is important to know how many calories the food you eat consume and how good they are for your health. 

Here are some Nigerian food and their calorie content. 

Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is one those soups you should drop if you are trying to lose weight. A serving of Egusi soup should contain about 460 calories per serving, when you step that down with about stockfish, meat and pounded yam, you should be looking at around 1,300 calories. 

An average man requires just about 2,500 calories so if you consume this kind of meal 3 times a day, you are looking at an excess of 1,400 calories (but it varies). 

Egusi soup contains a lot of fat about 53% fat (which is why it's bad for your weight loss program), 11% carbohydrate and 36% protein. 

Cholesterol = 93 mg
Protein = 43 g 
Total Fat = 28.2 g
Total Carbs = 13 g 

Note: Egusi is my favorite soup by the way. 

Okra Soup

Okra soup is one of the best local meals out there, although I don't fancy it unless it is filled with a lot of stockfish (I mean a lot). 

Okra soup contains about 326 calories per serving, it is made up of most protein about 57% (which is great for your body), 29% Fat and 14% carbohydrate. 

Cholesterol = 164 mg
Protein = 46.8 g 
Total Carbs = 11.1 g 
Total Fat = 10.5 g

Ewedu Soup

Another great soup, Ewedu is a low calorie meal which could be great for those trying to lose weight and also fit and also especially for people like me who can't do without eba and soup (c'mon I'm an African man). 

A serving of Ewedu soup contains about 100 calories. 

Cholesterol = 400 mg
Protein = 18.8 g 
Total Carbs = 0.3 g 
Total Fat = 4 g

Fried Plantain 

One slice of Fried plantain contains about 68 calories, but that would depend on the kind of oil you use to fry your plantain and how big your slice is. 

I recommend coconut or olive oil for your frying since it is more healthy, provides much nutritional value and doesn't add up too many calories. 

If you are greedy with your meals (like me) and choose to go for more than 10 slices per meal, you would be looking at 680 calories. 

A slice of fried plantain contains 54% carbohydrate, 44% fat, 2% protein.


1 cup of cooked rice contain about 204 calories, which 89% carbohydrate, 2% fat and 9% protein. 

I don't recommend you counting the amount of calories of every meal you eat, but something you should understand is that moderating the amount of food you eat, burning more calories (through exercise) and taking enough water and fruits, is going to help you lose weight and stay fit just like anything else.

Thanks to fatsecret and myfitnesspal for the statistics.

So there you have it.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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