Plus-sized Yoga Instructor Goes Nude As She Writes On Body Positivity (Photos)

In the last years, body shaming has become so rampant, that most women now believe that if you don't have a body just like Beyonce's, then you shouldn't walk on the street. 

Jessamyn Stanley, is an American plus-sized yoga instructor, body positivity advocate, and writer based in North Carolina. 

Jessamyn is known for flaunting her incredible flexibility and promoting body positivity on Instagram. According to her, you don't have to look how the society wants you to look before you can say that you look good. 

She took to her page and shared nude photos of herself performing yoga and wrote

'I spent many years believing that my spirituality was fully entwined with my religious beliefs. When I needed a break from religion after growing up in a deeply religious household, my spiritual condition went into a tailspin. I became skeptical of everything, even the mere concept of spirituality.

I don't know about anyone else, but the wounds created by a childhood steeped in religious doctrine are Deep. As. FUCK. My skepticism didn't magically abate at the genesis of my yoga practice. When I began practicing yoga poses regularly, I was still skeptical of the conversation that yoga necessitates with the spiritual body. I found it easier to obsess over yoga + my physical body.

But maybe that's why I found yoga when I did. Maybe I'm supposed to have a sketchy relationship with spirituality. Maybe that's the gateway I need in order to have a deeper conversation with the universe as a whole. Who can say. This probably seems esoteric and random af- it is both of those things and that's ok. I am tired of pretending to be jaded- what good does it do to be jaded? I do not want to fear the esoteric. I must remain open to the mystery.' 

So there you have it

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  1. Dont know about you Paul, but i think this plus-sized lady should stop all these plenty skelptic talk and get in a better shape