South African Prophet Sprays Insecticide On His Church Members In The Name Of Healing (Photos)

20-year-old Thabiso Chabalala on Wednesday told the court that she spent 7 months with swollen eyes and respiratory problems after Prophet Lethebo Rabalago sprayed her with insecticide. 

Prophet Rabalago from the Mountzion General Assembly in Limpopo, South Africa who claims to be a powerful man of God, has been charged to court and faces five counts of assault and contravening environmental laws after images of him spraying congregants with Doom (insecticide) went viral in November last year.

Chabalala (pictured) told the court that she regretted allowing Rabalago to spray the pesticide on her. She said she responded to calls for the sick to come forward during a church service at Phomolong township last year.

Chabalala said she was sprayed with Doom twice on the same day and became dizzy. She said at first she thought the dizziness was part of the healing process, but she started experiencing health problems later on.

"I regret it," she said.

The state had also called in a 17-year-old boy who claimed he had to get help from a clinic after Prophet Rabalago sprayed him. 

He said he had gone to the church to seek prayers for neck pain. However, Prophet Rabalago's defense lawyer, Edmond Lubisi said his client had never met the boy.

In an interview with last November, Prophet Rabalago defended his use of the insecticide claiming that the insecticide could cure cancer, HIV and any other illness.

When asked if he considers the danger of spraying the chemical on the eyes and other body parts, he said 

With us, we believe in God for all things. People are getting their deliverance
There have been many cases of prophets and ministers in the name of religion going to the extreme to prove their powers. Members searching for healing are ready to give up safety precautions, put themselves and their health at risk just to get healing.  

I advise those that are desperate for one breakthrough or the other to be cautious lest they fall victim of such prophets.

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