Woman Uses Chains To Tie Up Her 7-Year-Old Daughter For Being Naughty (Photos)

The 33-year-old mother claims that she did it out of love and care. 

The Phuket Children and Family Home Care apparently rescued a 7 year old girl from the brutality of her mother after images of the chained girl was shared on Thai social media with continous child abuse complaints. 

The officials took the girl and her 9-year-old brother into temporary care pending an investigation into the family's sitaution.

According to the The Phuket Children and Family Home Care Head, Atchara, she said that the mother claimed that she never intented to hurt her daughter, but chained her up because she was naughty and wanted to keep her from harm while she tended to her one-month-old child. 

He also said the girl had bruises, and the mother admitted to hitting her for misbehaving.

The Myanmar woman (name withheld) has five children - four of them from a previous marriage. Among the four were her 7 and 9 year old children who were temporarily taken away by the authorities. She is presently married to a new husband.

She also said officials would counsel the mother about how to raise children. A multidiscipline team would also engage in ways to help the family. 

But my dear readers, is she right to tie up a 7 year old girl just because she misbehaves?

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