3 Early Morning Exercises For Lazy People

Getting up from the bed and then imagining how you'd get dressed for work so fast to beat the early morning traffic is already bad enough. But, when you have to wake up to do some couple of exercises every morning for your own good, it becomes a really big deal for lazy people.

So, as your favorite health blogger, I felt I should step in and put together a list of 3 simple exercises which will require minimum energy but give great benefits in return. You don't have to wake up and think of your treadmill or go to the gym every day, these lazy man exercises can give you all those benefits. 

Here are 3 Early Morning Exercises For Lazy People

1. Stretches 

In my exercising routine, I treat stretches as warm-up exercises and not the main thing. But, these exercises are very important especially if you are new to exercising. 

Stretches work your entire body muscles, improve your sleep quality, increases energy and also improves flexibility. 

They are really easy to do and fortunately, they are one of the exercises that we do naturally.

Simple stretching exercises can are arm swings, arm circles, all round arm stretches, high lunge with reach etc.

2. Jogging 

Jogging is one of the common and best exercises these days and I would say it deserves that trophy because the exercise is so easy to perform and comes with a lot of benefits. A simple 30 minute morning jog (15 minutes for high-intensity runs) would go all the way to help you lose weight, build your curves, lighten your mood and clear your head (check out how it affects depression and stress).

Jogging also affects many body muscles making it a very important exercise, it does much work to your lower body region (below your waist). The exercises work mainly on your thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings), your glutes (butt muscles) and your calves, it also does minimal work to your shoulder and arm muscles making it an all-around body exercise.

3. Jumping Jacks 

Another great exercise which works your entire body and also elevates your mood. Jumping jacks or what I like to call the "happy exercise" is a great aerobic exercise for those seeking to lose weight and stay fit. 

Jacks (for short) require less energy and that is why for those who feel quite lazy to get up and move their body every morning. 

So there you have it. 

Exercising is the reason why Ernestine Shepherd still has all her teeth intact and a six-pack at the age of 81. Don't postpone it, just do it.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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