5 Reasons You Must Not Use Drugs or Tea To Lose Belly Fat

Nothing does it faster and better than a quick fix. Or so you thought.

I remember a conversation I had with a lady once. She was concerned about her weight and claimed that she had exercised back to back and still nothing has changed. She was now looking for a quick fix to work it out. 

To be sincere, with a quick fix like drugs, tea (herbal tea, slim tea or whatever you call them) You will be looking good in no time (2 weeks possibly), but for how long?

There are many reasons why I will not recommend anyone using a quick fix of any sort to keep weight or belly fat at bay and here are just 4 of them.  

1. It won’t last

Quick fixes all have one thing in common “they are short-term fixes”.

You may get rid of the belly fat, by gulping down a certain supplement or going through a very strict diet and intensive training with a supplement tea in hand, but after losing belly fat, the next thing is all about maintaining it.

Now that is where the problem arises as most people who go through this quick fixes find it hard to maintain it.

What's the gain if you get rid of it in a week or two and can’t keep it off of the rest of your life?

2. It comes back worse

With long-term fixes it is hard for you to ever get belly fat again, but the opposite is just the case with quick fixes because you might be gaining that belly fat you thought you got rid of in a matter of months or years.

If you ever gain that fat again, there is a high chance it will be worse than it was the first time. I mean it will be harder for you to get rid of it this time causing more harm to not just your health but body image more than it did before.

3. Health Problems

Quick fixes involve either supplements (drugs) or very intensive exercises or both.

These methods engage your body in vigorous activities which might be too much for your body to handle and they might contain hidden side effects which you would not notice until after some time. These methods can affect your cholesterol, blood pressure, mental health and lead to many health problems later in life.

One question you should always ask yourself in the back of your mind when going through a fat loss program should be;

Is this good for my health?

And that is why I recommend you have a session with your doctor before taking any supplement, drug or even following and fat loss program.

4. It is very hard to stick to it

The strict diet rules, drugs, and exercises are just a little bit too strict for most people and immediately they lose the belly fat, they return back to their old ways of eating, exercising and living.

They don’t really work because you can’t mix them with your normal way of life and the program just seems like a phase of your life instead of something you do every day.

It could also be very hard to take the supplement every day because you might find out you just love skipping it (I mean, you have the great body already) and worse of all you did not exercise enough to get this great body, so you will be out of shape in no time since you can't exercise every day to keep it. 

Quick fixes don't exist in my dictionary and they shouldn't in yours. Exercise shouldn't be hard work or boring, it should be fun and healthy. 

It should be something you love doing, something that puts a smile on your face because you know you are doing it for the right reasons and will keep doing it. 

So there you have it, do the right thing and get the right results. 

I remain your Favorite Health blogger Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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  1. Anyone looking to loss weight needs to first change his/her diet...
    What you eat is the most important and then back it up with cardio exercise. .