Here Is Why You Should Use Sex As A Cure For Your Headache

Some time ago I told you in a blog post that there are hundreds of types of headaches with the common ones being Tension headaches (a.k.a stress headaches) and Migraines. 

Normally, during a headache, most people will skip some tips like taking some cups of water and rush for a painkiller (e.g Panadol or Paracetamol) for a quick relief, but you should understand that there are more relaxing and less expensive ways to get rid of your headaches

So, should I use sex to get rid of my headaches? 

Yes, you should. When you are having more than just sex with your spouse you get a lot of benefits, like stress relieves, relaxation and better sleep. All these make it easier for your headaches to subside.  

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Major causes of headaches range from stress, lack of enough water (dehydration), over-activity (over-stimulating your brain through multitasking), posture, lack of adequate sleep etc as you can see great sex can help you get rid of your headaches by relieving you of stress and making you relax. 


"Great" sex releases a lot of hormones into the body and among them are stress relieving and anti-depressing hormones (Now, you can no longer wonder why you man falls asleep immediately after sex).

Hormones like oxytocin, prolactin, melatonin (especially if it is going down on the bed) are all released during sex and combined with the pleasant feeling you get just after an orgasm, your headache wouldn't just go away, you will also be very happy and satisfied after that. 

Although, I have never tried using sex as a remedy for my headaches because I normally for my breathing and other stress relieving techniques, I think you can go ahead with this, because I am considering it already, coupled with the great feeling, stress relief and better sleep it will be something definitely worth my while. 

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Using sex as a relief would work best for primary headaches (headaches caused by  stress, lack of enough water (dehydration), over-activity (over-stimulating your brain through multitasking), posture, lack of adequate sleep etc) and might not work the same way for secondary headaches (headaches caused by alcohol-induced hangover, brain tumor, blood clots, bleeding in or around the brain, brain freeze, concussion, glaucoma, panic attack, stroke and overuse of pain medications known as rebound headaches).

So rather than speeding to the chemist, you can speed with your partner into the bedroom to have a good time, and please remember to close the door. *winks*.

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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