This Weird Yellow Stuff On Your Eyes Every Morning is Actually Poop!!!


Just woke up early this morning and found some yellow stuff on my eyes, I have always wondered what it was and why it was there. Yes, I mean that yellow stuff you clean out of your eyes every morning, which mom sometimes uses to confirm that your bathe properly. 

I actually thought it was because I cried in my sleep and it somehow turns yellow when it dries up, similarly to drooling.

What is this stuff?

That yellow stuff is produced by eyelash mite, and worse it is actually their poop. Yes, some of us tend to have very small, tiny eye mites that live on our eyelashes. They actually can be found on half the world’s eyes and can leave some nasty stuff behind every morning as also make your eye twitch at times.

These eyelash or face mites feed on your skin cells and oils (sebum) which often accumulate on your skin pores as well as in hair follicles. They are very small with the adult being only 0.3 - 0.4mm long.

Older people are much more likely to carry the mites; Since children do not produce much sebum, (oils) prevalence rates are lower in this age set.

The eye mites are more likely to be numerous in those who do not bathe before sleep (gives you another reason to stick to bathing at least twice a day). Although having these eye mites is not a real problem, it comes uncomfortably when they are so numerous as they can make you lose your eyelashes.

Can I get rid of them?

You can get rid of them if you really want to by using oil like tea tree oil, but other than eye mites leaving poop around your eyes, they don’t really hurt you. Next time you pull out some of your eyelashes, place them under a microscope and you might just come eye-to-eye with Eye Mite.

Does this mean I am Unhygienic 

Now, I am sure the clean freaks (sorry to say, I almost one of them.. lol) will wonder if they are really so clean after all, even if after all the scrubbing washing and shaving of themselves, poop still ends up on their eyes every morning.

Well, stop castigating yourself as scientists have shown no relationship between personal hygiene and mite infestation.

so there you have it.

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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