Tips On Weight Loss: Does Throwing Up Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is the desire of quite a lot of women. Even many of them blindly run after silly methods of weight loss while intentionally ignoring unhealthy effects to obtain the expected weight.  In recent time, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who follow the method of throwing up for weight loss. Does throwing up help you lose weight? What is the harmful effect of this method? Should you use this unscientific method? The article below will help you to answer these questions.

What is throwing up for weight loss?

With this method, you can follow these steps. After taking food into the body, you stick your fingers or a brush down the throat to make you feel nausea. Finally, you vomit all the food in the abdomen.

Does throwing up help you lose weight?

Although this method is quite unscientific and silly, many people want to follow it. Simply, it is because the obesity cannot be solved after they make a great effort to go on a diet. Even the symptoms of the disease get worse. In addition, with this method, they do not have to undergo surgery while they still can eat delicious food without worrying about the weight problem.

For this reason, for many people, especially those who are eager for eating, losing weight by throwing up is regarded as a wonderful invention. Sticking to the principle of this method, at first, you will eat as much as you like, then you just go to the toilet and use your fingers or a toothbrush to shave the root of the tongue. As a result, you will stimulate the body to vomit food.

It can be said that this method surely helps you to lose weight. You have not taken even a small amount of nutrients into the body. Therefore, this action is similar to abstaining from food. However, this method of weight loss brings several serious risks.

What are harmful effects of throwing up for weight loss?

It is not a scientific method that is contrary to the law of nature. Therefore, you are not encouraged to reduce weight by this way.

Firstly, some people want to vomit quickly the food that has just been taken into the body because of their appetite. Consequently, they put their fingers or a tool too deeply into the throat, which may cause the injury to the upper jaw, the infection and a range of diseases of the throat and the respiratory tract. In addition, some of them suffer from tongue wounds because of their overuse of losing weight by throwing up.

Secondly, as mentioned, this method also makes the body not be supplemented with any nutrients. Consequently, the body lacks vitality and becomes weak. You will look seedy and pale.

According to experts, you may face a lot of risks after stimulating your throat to vomit. In particular, some of the potential risks are the psychological crisis, gastric pain, blood vomiting, depression and the high risk of becoming unconscious.

Worst of all, after throwing up by stimulating the throat becomes a habit, the body will naturally react by immediately vomiting after you are exposed to the food. At that time, it is challenging to eat the food and leave it in the stomach.

How can you lose weight without throwing up?

Keep in mind that you never allow the desire for weight loss to hide your sight. It is possible that the use of unsafe ways for weight loss will make you face health risks. You can still own a solid and strong body and a slim waist if you learn how to eat and drink in moderation and get much exercise.

1. Have a healthy diet

  • You should eat many small meals in one day, particularly, 5-6 meals per day. The purpose of this meal subdivision is to help the amount of energy produced after the meals to be burst to the maximum and avoid fat accumulation.
  • Vegetables and boiled food should be served first. Keep in mind that you just eat until the feeling of hunger goes away instead of eating till you are full up. With a lot of fiber, vegetables and fruits will keep you being full for a long time.
  • After eating, you need to go away from the dining room to avoid the appetite for eating.
  • When feeling hungry, you can drink a glass of water or some fruits with a little sugar such as guava, papaya, and dragon fruit.
  • However, you should not make your body get too hungry to eat. If so, you will feel tired and quickly lose the motivation for reducing weight.
  • You are also advised to limit the consumption of high-fat foods such as peanut, sesame, fatty meat, fried dishes, processed food, sweets and soft drinks.
  • You also have to drink 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day and take small mouthfuls of water several times a day.

2. Do physical exercise

Every day, it is necessary for you to consume from 300 to 500 kilocalories from physical activities.

  • You should arrange your time to take part in clubs of physical activities such as aerobic and swimming classes. Attending physical classes will help you to increase the motivation so that you can get much exercise for a long time without feeling bored. Ideally, you should go to these classes every day and continuously practice for 60 to 90 minutes daily.
  • Keep in mind that no matter which sport you choose, you also need to practice hard and regularly.

In essence, weight loss is a process that causes our body to sap energy slowly. If you lose 7000 kilocalories, your body will lose  1 kilogram. With the diet that supports you to reduce from 300 to 500 kilocalories per day, just within two weeks, you will reduce 1 kilogram. Strictly following the diet and taking exercise regularly, your weight will go down by 2 to 2,5 kilograms per month. This level of weight loss has been scientifically proven to be safe.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there are quite a few ways of losing weight including healthy and unhealthy methods. Does throwing up help you lose weight? The answer is “yes,” but this is regarded as an unhealthy or silly method. As a result, it is not recommended that you should not use this method for weight loss because it may cause a range of negative impacts on the health. To reduce weight and ensure good health, you need to design a balanced diet and regularly take exercise.

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