Top 8 Food Blogs In Nigeria You Should Follow In 2018

Foods have gone beyond your everyday eba, beans, rice, and yam, if you are still living on these basic meals then you seriously need an upgrade. 

That is why we have food blogs. Food blogs take food to a whole new level. From recipes of meals you probably never heard of which are all natural with great nutritional value. 

So if you are searching for the best food blogs in Nigeria to upgrade your cooking skills then you have come to the right place. 

Here are the Top 8 food blogs in Nigeria you should follow in 2018. 

Dobbys Signature is run by Adaobi Okonkwo. One great thing about this blog is that the mouth-watering meals will not only force you to improve your cooking skills, it will also make you eat healthier.

Dobbys Signature has been featured on many food channels and sites and it has made a tremendous impact in many kitchens. 

2. 9jafoodie 

9jafoodie is owned and run by Ronke Edoho. Ronke has gone beyond just writing about food and improving skills to improving your health and fitness by eating healthier meals. I am even contemplating featuring her here on RealFitBody.

Ronke's blog is filled with lots of recipes that are simple and easy to understand. Her cookbooks are free to download for all her readers. 

Best of all Ronke doesn't act like she is perfect, she also shares some of her failed recipes, so you shouldn't give up if your cooking skills aren't getting better even after trying. 

3. Afrolems 

Afrolems don't just make your cooking skills better, it also expands them. Afrolems focuses on mouth-watering recipes of Nigeria you would never believe existed. 

The site also provides free cookbooks for its loyal readers so you wouldn't have to spend a fortune to improve your cooking skills. 

As the name implies, All Nigerian Food is proudly Nigerian. The blog is owned by Chy Anegbu and you can find amazing food recipes there. 

Sisi Yemmie is owned by Yemisis Aiyedun and it goes beyond food. For Yemisis, Sisi Yemmie is like a diary where she shares her personal journeys and life adventures. 

She also shares food recipes once or twice in a month. 

It is not easy to combine your 8 - 5 job with cooking great meals and for most women they would rather skip cooking altogether. But that is something Flo does so well. 

By day she is an oil engineer with a full-time job and still manages to turn her kitchen into a food heaven. 

Flo shares an amazing collection of recipes for Nigerians living home and abroad. So, if you are far away from home but still don't want to miss the local meals you can send her a message on her blog and get information on where to get the right ingredients for your meals.

Who says a man can't cook.

Say hello to Franklin Awodiya who is putting women to shame in the kitchen. Franklin doesn't just prove that men can come up with mouth-watering dishes but also that they might be able to do it better than women. 

So men, if you are looking to upgrade your cooking skills with his food tutorials and videos you should check him out. Don't worry ladies you are invited too. 

Dooney's Kitchen is one of the best food blogs in Nigeria at the moment. The blog is owned and run by Dumni Obata and has been featured on many food channels and blog including CNN (yea, it's a really big deal). 

Dooney's Kitchen could literally make you a better cook just by looking at the blog, the tantalizing dishes would not only make you fall in love with cooking but take your cooking skills one step higher. 

So there you have it 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor

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