Your Blood Type Might Put You At A Greater Risk For These 5 Conditions

Turns out your blood type is more than just an alphabet and can tell a whole lot about you than you can ever know. Your blood type is determined by microscopic substances inherited from your parents that live on the surface of your red blood cells. You can easily check your blood type too, Advanced tech made sure of that

Those surface substances interact with your immune system in ways that can change (increase or decrease) your risk for certain diseases. Problem is, most people don't know their blood type and don't see any reason to expect for the sake of blood transfusion. But knowing your blood type can tell you if you're more or less susceptible to certain health conditions, still you can't change your blood type but you can change your lifestyle in order to be healthier.

1. Memory Problems 

Turns out having memory problems is not only linked to lack of adequate sleep but your blood type too. 

Blood type AB may increase your risk of cognitive impairment. According to a research from the Journal Neurology, older ABs are more likely than those with other blood types to have problems learning and remembering things. 

According to the study coauthor Mary Cushman, MD, a professor of medicine and pathology at the University of Vermont, "the exacts reason why this happens remains unclear, but the fact that blood type AB is related to levels of certain clotting factors might provide a clue.

2. Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Still, on AB blood type, your risk for stomach cancer is roughly 26% higher than if you had blood type B or O. This is according to a study from the American Journal of Epidemiology which also concludes that your risk is 20% higher than those with type  B or O if you are type A.

This is due to a bacteria called H.pylori present in the human guts. Blood types AB or A usually have a heightened immune system reaction to the bacteria that increase their cancer risk.

Gastric Cancer 

For those with blood type A your risk of developing gastric cancer is higher compared to those with other blood types. Having type O negative or positive puts you in a safe zone by reducing your risk of developing gastric cancer. 

Pancreatic Cancer

Another win for type O. Those with blood type are less likely to develop pancreatic cancer, while those with A blood type are 32% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer, those with type AB blood type were 51% more likely and those with type B were 72% more likely. 

3. Heart Disease

Once again type O's gets lucky. Your blood type may lower your risk for heart disease by up to 23% compared to people with other blood types. According to Harvard School of Public Health, people with blood types AB and B are at the greatest risk for heart attack, these blood groups have been linked to higher rates of inflammation, which partly explains their connection to heart disease.

4. Ulcers

Finally, something for those in the A or AB blood group. According to research the same H.pylori bacteria that may cause stomach cancers among those with blood types A  or AB may increase your risk for ulcers if you're type O.

Although the reasons why type Os are more likely to develop stomach ulcers remains unclear, researchers believe that it is due to the difference in each type's immunologic responses to infection.

Since you can't change your blood type, living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to reduce your chances of getting any of the diseases listed above. Always remember to exercise, get enough sleep and eat right.

So there you have it. 

I remain your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor.


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