Here's What Smoking Just One Cigarette A Day Does To Your Body

Smokers always find a way to justify their smoking habits by claiming it relieves them from the everyday stress and helps them think better. Others compare high-profile men like Ex-US President Barack Obama who smoked their way to a good life even while advocating for good health. 

In the end, cancer and many other health risks always take their toll. So guys while you might think that smoking even a cigarette per day wouldn't cost you much because you moderate, it turns out that there is no significant difference between smoking a pack of cigarettes per day and just one cigarette per day. 

According to a new research published in the journal BMJ, smoking just one cigarette a day is linked to high level of health risks just as smoking a pack a day.

The researchers took their data from 141 previous studies looking at the number of cigarettes people smoked and their subsequent health risks.

They discovered that men who smoked just one cigarette per day had half the risk of heart disease and over 40 percent of stroke risk than one-pack-a-day guys had.

The number was way lower than what the researchers had expected which proves that smoking just one cigarette per day wouldn't actually save you from the health problems associated with smoking. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can damage the structure and function of your blood vessels, increase the buildup of waxy plaque. Over time, this can narrow and harden your arteries, limiting blood flow and finally leading to heart attack or stroke. 

The study suggests that if you smoke just one cigarette per day, you are not much different from someone who smokes 20 cigarettes per day.

According to the study author Allan Hackshaw, Ph.D., people should aim to stop smoking altogether, rather than try to cut down on the number cigarettes they smoke per day. 

No excuses guys quit smoking now. 


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