Saint Arnold's Brewing Company In Texas

Saint Arnold's Brewing Company In Texas

The Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company located in Houston Texas, also known as Texas Oldest Craft Brewery is one of the top brewing companies in the state of Texas. The company was founded in 1994 by Brock Wagner and Kevin Bartol and named after a patron saint of brewing, Saint Arnulf Metz.

The Saint Arnold Brewing Company originally operated on the far northwest side of Houston for fifteen years until it moved to a Northside district, north of Downtown Houston in 2008.

The Saint Arnold Brewing Company has quite a small crew who brews its large number of beers and takes care of every other operation required at the brewery. The brewery offers weekday and Saturday afternoon tours which is one of the reasons why it is one of the famous breweries in Texas and the United States.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company: List of Active Beers

The Saint Arnold Brewing Company has different brands and types of beers under its name. Its beers are categorized into; Year Round Series, Seasonal Beers, Divine Reserve Series, Bishop Barrel Series, and Icon Series

Year Round Series: Active Beers

Name                    Type

Fancy Lawnmower  German-Style Kölsch
Daydream              American saison
Santo                     Black Kölsch
Orange Show          Blonde Ale with Real Blood Oranges
5 O'Clock Pils          Bohemian Pilsner
Amber Ale              Amber Ale
Ale Wagger             Brown Ale
Pub Crawl               Pale Ale
Citrodos IPA            American IPA
Elissa IPA                Indian Pale Ale
Art Car IPA              American IPA
Endeavour              Double IPA
Raspberry AF           Berliner Weiss
Root Beer               Imperial Cane Sugar

Seasonal Beers: Active Beers

Saint Arnold seasonal beers feature a line of beers which are only available or brewed at a particular time or season.

Name                    Type                                Available

Spring Bock             German-style Bock            February – March
Summer Pils            Munich-style Helles           April – August
Oktoberfest                                                     August – October
Christmas Ale          Ale                                   October – December
White Noise            Belgian-style Witbier         December – February
Pumpkinator           Pumpkin Beer                    October
French Press           imperial coffee

Divine Reserve Series

The Divine Reserve consists of a series of single batch beers which are aged to improve the taste and quality. The beers are brewed with a completely different recipe and released in small batches.

The Divine Reserve Series has several releases numbered 1 – 19 with the latest release being on January 3, 2019. The Divine Reserves Series features various types of beer including the Spiced Oatwine in its latest release. Others include; Imperial Stout, Baltic Porter, Adambier, Russian Imperial Stout, Belgian Strong Golden Ale, Belgian Quadrupel and many more.

Its Bishop’s Barrel Series consists of a series of beers that have been barrel aged. These beers are acclaimed to have improved taste and quality during to the aging in the barrels.

You can find beers brewed by the Saint Arnold Brewing Company in bars, grocery stores, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout Texas and Louisiana.


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