Advertiser Terms and Policies

Advertisers are responsible for their Ads. This means following all applicable laws and regulations, creating honest ads, and advertising safely and respectfully. 

This article describes our advertising policies. Our policies require you to follow the law, but they are not legal advice. We organize our policies around three principles:

1. Advertisers are responsible for the safety of the product, service, or message that their advertisement promotes. 

This includes responsibility for links within ads, as well as for transactions and sales promoted through Real Fit Body Ads. To maintain user trust, the following rules apply to all advertisers:

  • Ads for illegal goods and services are prohibited.
  • Ads for products or services that are potentially unsafe or deceptive are prohibited.
  • Ads making misleading or deceptive claims are prohibited, such as “get rich quick” offers.
  • Ads that aren’t compatible with the way Real Fit Body currently work are prohibited. For example, advertisements encouraging users to share their login information or post spam are prohibited.
  • All advertisers should be honest and transparent about the product or service they offer. Include ample information and relevant disclaimers about the products you provide. Make sure users clearly understand the product or service they may be purchasing, along with any applicable billing or participation requirements.

Some of the categories that have particular Real Fit Body Ads policies based on these rules are listed below. Please refer to the linked policy pages for more detail about how policies apply.

Real Fit Body prohibits the promotion of products or services in the following categories:
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Endangered species products
  • Hate content, sensitive topics, and violence
  • Illegal products and services
  • Spyware and illegal hacking
  • Tobacco and tobacco accessories
  • Unauthorized ticket sales
  • Weapons and weapon accessories
  • Trade restrictions

2. Promote honest content and target it responsibly.

Prohibited Content for Minors 

Be honest with both the content of your ads and how you target them. Do not select targeting criteria that could reveal sensitive information about users. Don't subject users to advertising that isn't relevant to your brand or product. Ads must comply with the policies and rules listed below:

  • Copyrighted materials 
  • Counterfeit goods policy
  • Trademark Policy 
  • Sensitive categories
  • Policies for Conversion Tracking and Tailored Audiences
  • Policies for keyword targeting
  • Usage of Public Personal Information in Ads
  • Your advertisement must not assert of imply knowledge or personal information, such as name. 
  • Collecting user information
  • If you collect user information, your Privacy Policy statement must explain what data is collected and how it will be used. The Privacy Policy should be posted on the same page as where this information is collected.
  • Pages where users are asked to enter private and confidential information must use a secure processing server (https://). Examples of private and confidential information include: credit card numbers, bank information, and social security number.
  • Including user content in ads
  • Do not include another person’s content in Ads without the person’s permission. 
  • Selecting targeting keywords
  • Targeting sensitive breaking news events such as political uprisings, disasters, and deaths is restricted.
  • TIP Be ready to make changes to your targeting if the context of a keyword changes because of an emergent event. Familiarize yourself with the steps for adding, removing, and excluding keywords within your campaigns. 

3. Don't distribute spam, harmful code, or other disruptive content.

Unsolicited content is annoying to users. 

  • Do not spam users.
  • Phishing and malware
  • Do not direct users to phishing links, malware, or other harmful codes or sites that alter the user's machine without notification or user consent.
if you agree with these Terms and Policies, then you can contact us for a profitable business advertising partnership.

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