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Everyone wants to live long and look good. With a straight back, a smooth face, a cup of wine in one hand and dancing to the tunes of the latest jamz at the age of 100 years with no worries; that is so many people's dream. 

No one wants to be sick, or stand in the mirror and look ugly, thinking of debts, stressful jobs, recession, depression, the overwhelming responsibilities and supposed achievements; everyone wants a way they can look better, live free, enjoy life and whenever they look in the mirror they can say "damn I look good".

I have been there once, looked into the mirror and wished my face was not bombarded with pimples and scars and blackheads and uneven skin tone and black lips and a belly full of fat that made me slouch and look older than my age. 

It was harder to make friends when most of them couldn't even look at you in the face. Low self-esteem, depression, and isolation set in and all these lead to an unhealthy lifestyle for me.

But I got past all that and that is why I created RealFitBody

Today I look good, because I believe I deserved it and worked for it, I wanted to be fit and by that I mean more than just having abs (although I have six of them), more than just having a great body (although I already have that), I mean in and out, looking fresh and being able to think clearly (the mental benefit of being fit). 

I see me on my 100th birthday dancing in the sitting room, with my whole teeth intact (unlike some people's grandmas) just like the Japanese (the place where the oldest people live). 

All these because I have made that choice to look good and live fit so that I can enjoy the delicious benefits of good health when I am young and when I am old.

RealFitBody makes looking good easy. With this blog, exercising daily would not look like work to you because you would love it. 

Eating right would not look like a punishment because your beautiful skin and bright complexion would beg for more of it. 

It is more than just about physical fitness, but also mental, emotional and if I may add spiritual fitness. 

What is a healthy body without a healthy mind? 

Most of the mistakes we make today are due to stress, pressure, depression, multitasking situations and haste and all these have to do with the mind. Take all these out and the chances of you doing better in that interview, of you acing that exam, of you being able to control your desires and of you being able to get more out of life becomes drastically increased.

Articles are posted every day to make your life look easy, to make you look good because you deserve it. 

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